Use complex passwords and change them frequently-NCSC


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) has charged Ghanaians to use complex passwords and multifactor authentication as part of measures to prevent cyber attack and fraud.

The centre said, it is prudent for people to frequently change their passwords.

At a sensitization workshop held for Journalists in Sunyani on Thursday October 22, one of the trainers, Aaron Felix Opoku Boateng noted that, cyber criminals are always online and all persons who connect to the internet are potential victims of cyber fraud.

He added that, the government is committed to securing the cyber eco-system in the wake of the digitization agenda of the country.

”Fighting cyber crime is a shared responsibility and we see the media as the biggest partner in this fight. It is therefore, very prudent to equip the media on issues of cyber security so that you can also educate the masses on how to safely use their digitized devices”, he stressed.

The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) is a national agency established in 2018 under the Ministry of Communications.

The NCSC is responsible for Ghana’s cybersecurity development including cybersecurity incidents response coordination within government and with the private sector.

The NCSC is responsible for Awareness Creation & Capacity Building, Cybersecurity Incident Coordination & Response (CERT), Critical National Information Infrastructure Protection (CNIIP), Child Online Protection (COP) and International Cooperation, among others.

The NCSC is responsible for the development and implementation of Ghana’s National Cybersecurity Policy & Strategy. The NCSC work closely with the National Cyber Security Technical Working Group (NCSTWG) in the implementation of cybersecurity initiatives across government and non-governmental sectors.

On his part, Isaac Mensah, one of the trainers admonished children to desist from befriending people they do not know online and sharing details of personal information such as home address.

He charged all internet users to update all systems and software to make them more resistant to cyber-attack.

He caution the general public to stop keeping cyber fraud to themselves but rather report to the centre.

The National Cyber Security Centre can be contacted with the short code 292 or on via WhatsApp on 0501603111

Ghana/ Nyarko Abronoma

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