We are disappointed in SP but not demotivated – STRANEK


Civil Society Organization, Strategic Thinkers Network Africa(STRANEK), has said that they are disappointed in the office of the Special Prosecutor for its decision to strike out a petition to investigate the Agyapa Royalties Deal.

STRANEK in its petition to Office of the Special Prosecutor on Tuesday September 22, 2020 said it wanted the office to investigate how the value of the royalties being ceded to Agyapa Royalties was calculated by the government and which entity did the evaluation.

In a response to the group, the Special Prosecutor said his office has already independently commenced investigations into the matter and therefore cannot commit resources to follow up on STRANEK’s petition.

It also described their petition as “opportunistic and populist.”

But speaking on Dinpa Anopa Bosuo Show on Wednesday September 23, the Executive Director STRANEK expressed disappointment in the Special prosecutor, adding that they are never demotivated in playing their part in the fight against corruption.

Nii Tettey Tetteh said, ”We are very disappointed in the Special Prosecutor’s response to our petition. It wasn’t right for the Office of the Special Prosecutor to write a letter that sounds abusive to the Ghanaian people who are willing to volunteer information that will help the office.”

”We are aware of the Special Prosecutor’s letter to Parliament seeking information on the controversial deal so our petition was to give a sense of direction. We are not in any competition with the SP.”

Mr. Tetteh added that, the office of the Special Prosecutor is not a property of Mr. Amidu and he should be willing to welcome every letter.

”The office of the SP is not his personal property, it is been resourced with the tax payers money. It is totally unwarranted for him to attempt to do his will. We are not demotivated, we will continue to write letters because we know the fight against corruption is a shared responsibility”, he noted.


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