Government Committed to Improving Rural Water Supply Systems-Cecilia Dapaah


Government Committed to Improving Rural Water Supply Systems-Cecilia Dapaah

Government is considering a policy review to make the Community Water and Sanitation Agency (CWSA) provide the needed managerial and technical backstopping to save the water supply systems and make rural water supply more efficient, Minister for Sanitation and Water Resources has told Parliament.

The Ministry has also initiated the process to seek policy approval towards the amendment of the CWSA Act, 1998 (Act 564) to transform the CWSA into a utility service organisation with responsibility for the provision and management of rural water supplies and water-related sanitation and hygiene services, Hon. Cecilia Abena Dapaah emphasized.

The Minister made these disclosures on the floor of the House on Wednesday morning in answer to a parliamentary question by the Member for Upper West Akim Hon. Derek Ohene Bekoe who asked to know the plans the Ministry has to connect Adeiso, the Upper West Akim District capital to water supply from the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL).

Hon. Cecilia Dapaah disclosed that the Adeiso community with an approximate population of 11,785 and a daily water demand of about 471 cubic metres benefitted from a GIZ funded small town water supply system constructed in 2001 with a daily capacity of 295 cubic metres and has a daily water deficit of 176 cubic metres.

She stated that in consonance with current rural water management policy under the community management model, the water supply system was handed over to the Water and Sanitation Management Team (WSMT) with the active support of the District Assembly

The Minister lamented that management of the water supply system have been fraught with challenges posed a result of the failure of the WSMT to properly account for their stewardship and resistance to interventions aimed at maintaining and upgrading the system.

She said the Ministry is making efforts to improve the Adeiso water supply system and is in talks with the CWSA to seek the assistance of the District Assembly to take over, rehabilitate and expand the existing water supply system to meet the increasing water demand.

The Minister hinted that the GWCL may take over the water supply system when the population of Adeiso and surrounding communities goes beyond the threshold for a small town system and there is a basis for a large water supply system.

She revealed the cost of extension of the Nsawam water supply system to Adeiso is estimated at two million, seven hundred and fifty United States dollars (USD 2,750,000.00) which involves construction of an elevated water tank and extension of 17km of 250mm pipeline.

She was of the conviction that when all efforts are harnessed in support of these interventions, the approach will ensure the sustaninability of rural water delivery to meet the increasing demand as a result of population growth.

Story: Ghana/Dinpa

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