Sunyani suspected ritual killings: Nananom ‘petition’ the gods


Members of the Sunyani Youth Development Association in collaboration with the Traditional area have today Monday February 3 invoked the gods and deities on people whom they believe are behind the recent suspected ritual killings in the city.

Clothed in black and red, the group walked through the principal streets of Sunyani amidst chanting of war songs, wielding machetes, eggs, schnapps and carrying a fire pot.

Secretary of the Youth Group, Nana Akomeah Sakyi said, the city has witness series of suspected ritual killings in the last two years. He added that, they have lost confidence in the security agencies in Sunyani and resorting to the spiritual courts is the only option left.

“The Police have failed to initiate the prosecution of persons who have been arrested in connection with these suspected ritual killings, they walk freely in town without facing the law”, he noted.

The “Krontihene’s Abrafoɔ” who led the Youth group through the streets of Sunyani, performed libation and called on the deities and divinities to deal mercilessly with anyone who attempt to kill any resident as well as persons behind those killings.

The petition of the gods which was held at five(5) vantage points was finalized at the ‘Asirifi shrine’ with the Krontihene of the Traditional area, Oboaman Bofotia Boamponsem sacrificing a white sheep to buttress the already performed libation.

Voice of Nana Akomeah Sakyi
Voice of Nana Akua Pomaah- Sunyani Krontire Benkumhemaa

Ghana/ Nyarko Abronoma

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