CPP hunts suspected ‘illegal’ GCB account holders


The Convention People’s Party (CPP) is on a manhunt for persons suspected have opened an account with the Ghana Commercial Bank (GCB) in the name of the party without the consent of the Executives.

The party has written to the bank requesting the signatories to the account as well as the mandate used in opening the account.

The CPP in a letter addressed to the Branch Manager, High Street, Accra, said the account opening without the consent of the executives is a clear violation of their rules, and thus, asked the bank to cooperate with them to carry out their investigations.

“This bank account opened in your bank violates our constitution and is an illegality, because I’m not a signatory to that account, the account opened did not go through the right procedure at the national level”, the letter signed by the CPP National Treasurer, Samuel Gordon Etroo said.

Read CPP’s full statement:

Story: Ghana/Dinpafm.com/91.3

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