Incompetent people heading disaster management institutions in Ghana- Lecturer


The Acting Coordinator at the department of Environmental management at the University of Energy and Natural Resources(UENR), Ben Carlis Paittoo has blamed Ghana’s failure to effectively manage disasters on the incompetence of people handling disaster institutions.

He noted that, the appointment of most heads of disaster management institutions are political and the appointees, according to him, have no knowledge about their field.

Commenting on the International Day for Disaster Reduction marked on Tuesday October 13 every year, Mr. Paittoo stated that, ”Who are the people at the helm of disasters in Ghana? The appointment of personnel who would be in charge of disaster management have all been political.”

”So most of the time, those appointed to manage disaster in Ghana do not have the knowledge, excuse me to say that.”

”Meanwhile, the appointees have no knowledge about the field he’s been assigned to work. You can go to the UK and America to find out who is the head of the disaster management as their title may be. The fellow is well equipped with the knowledge.”

Speaking on Dinpa Anopa Bosuo show hosted by Akua Nyarko Abronoma, the retired Divisional Officer III for the Ghana National Fire Service said, ”you don’t just appoint someone to manage what borders on the safety of man.”

Below is the voice of Ben Carlis Paittoo

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