Published On: Fri, Feb 24th, 2017

In Sweden Politician says workers should take midday sex breaks

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A small-town Swedish politician has advocated for workers in the country to be allowed a one-hour paid break during the day to go home and have sex.

Per-Erik Muskos believes such a state-sponsored afternoon delight could improve the relationships of couples.

“It’s about having better relationships,” Muskos, a 42-year-old local council member for Övertorneå in northern Sweden reportedly told the AFP. “There are studies that show sex is healthy.”

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And of course, sex has been proven to provide relief from stress, improve sleep, lower blood pressure, and prevent colds.

Nevertheless, Muskos argues that the designated breaks could improve the mental health connection between couples, as well as those who are still single.

It is important to note that Swedes already enjoy a relatively easy work schedule – an average of 1612 hours per year, the OECD has said.

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Workers also enjoy 480 days of paid paternal leave, which can be divided between two parents. And even with the multiple fika breaks Swedes take during a day for coffee or snacks, only 1% of Swedes work overtime.

Thus, the proposal by the politician might not be that out of the ordinary in Sweden, where workers already enjoy a pretty good quality of life.

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