Published On: Fri, Feb 17th, 2017

6 ways to keep a man interested You don’t want him looking elsewhere this Valentines

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Ever looked at a couple and wondered how a girl that looks like that (don’t bite me) landed a guy so hot?

It’s not rocket science. Men are very specific about what they want and can be very simple to understand if you make an effort.  In his song, Make me proud, Drake says, “I like a woman with a future and a past, a little attitude problem it will make that S&*”#t last. Don’t make it too easy, don’t take it to fast…”


You can be as hot as Beyonce and he’ll still get involved with someone else.  Why you ask?

Well, maybe you’re not doing the following:

1. Show interest

Be real. Faking to know all about gaming and comic books makes you look desperate for a connection. However, show genuine interest in what he’s into and let him teach you. Besides seeming genuine, he’ll appreciate your interest and look forward to playing bad teacher next time you plan to hang out.

2. Keep him on his toes

He might enjoy the attention but he also wants to see what you can do. Showing off to your skills to your man is a great way of keeping him interested. Be it singing, gym ethics or culinary prowess, setting standards on what it means to be the coolest girlfriend should keep him staring your way.

3. Make him your business

No one likes being a bother. Men start looking for other partners when they stop feeling like they’re a priority to you. Taking your time to call back or send silly cute texts during the day shows that they are at the center of your life.

4. Show the relevance of your relationship

Yup, not all men are in it for the sex. Being clear about your motives shows maturity that most men look for in a woman. Half of the time, they’re not sure where the both of you are heading as a couple (If he does, he’s a keeper) so it easier to depend on the girl’s confidence.

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